103-year-old Man Who Survived CoVid has Something To Tell You

Do you ever ask yourself how long are you going to live? Do you have any idea how the elderly handles the virus crisis? Well, this man is a 103-year-old who got COVID-19 vaccine and he has positive thoughts to share with the world.

Aziz Abdul Alim, who is from the distant valley of Upper Chitral of northern Pakistan, wants to encourage everyone to get their antibody serum. He got the second portion of the Sinopharm vaccine on April 24. What’s more, he’s glad to report he’s had no side effects or worries at this point.

“If a 100-above-year-elderly person like me can feel completely fine, everybody ought to dare to take it,” he says. “There is no real explanation why one would not get vaccinated.”

Alim’s eagerness around the vaccine is serious, due to his age, but furthermore since vaccine reluctance is a significant issue in Pakistan. A new review of 1,000 individuals in the nation found that almost half of them prefer not to get immunized with the COVID-19 vaccine, referring to possible side-effects.

Aziz Alim is a COVID survivor himself. Last July, he became one among the oldest people cured of Covid on the planet. After he manifested some symptoms, he was conceded to the Aga Khan Health Service COVID-19 Emergency Response Center, Buoni, for about fourteen days — and was released after a negative test.

One of the specialists there, Dr. Zuhoor Shahmir, shares that Alim stayed calm and unruffled by the infection — and was an example of courage and bravery. After we treated him for the symptoms and afterwards discharged him from the hospital, he became the absolute model of fearlessness and hope for many of the anxious patients that we treated,” says Shahmir.

The information on a potential COVID vaccine filled the old Alim with great hope. He says that he wanted to use the vaccine and benefit from it as soon as possible. He shares that he wanted to socialize again:

“I was tired of living life in isolation. I wanted to meet people, talk to them.”

Like huge number of people all throughout the planet, Alim has restricted his connections with others to control the spread of the Covid. However, the restrictions, he says, left him feeling “claustrophobic” — much more dreadful than getting COVID itself.

He shares that limiting his interactions with other people was the hardest part of the fight with CoVid. People like him, who live in these distant areas have nothing else to do besides talking to each other and socializing. Here what he says to us:

“I was not allowed to meet people. I had no other activities. I survived this deadly disease without much fear, but the time I spent in isolation was very difficult for me,” he says. “The only activity for a man like me in these mountains is to socialize with family and neighbors.”

Alim says that he was concerned if he caught the virus again, which helped him make the decision. He says that his religious leader and friend encouraged him to get vaccinated. He firmly believed him, because as he shares with us, he is not very educated and if the vaccine helps against CoVid, that should be used for good.

Now, after he has been immunized, he is full with desire and ready to top off his social schedule again.

“I believe I am unchained at this point. I feel more than alive once more. My fear is long gone. My entire family is immunized. I urge everybody to take the COVID-19 vaccine,” he says.

A story with happy ending about a man who had lived for over a century. He took the vaccine with a smile, and he is ready to laugh with his friends and family once more, despite his unbelievable age. So, will you get immunized now?

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Aleksandar Videv is an article writer, who explores the scientific and fictional ideas about Covid-19 future impact in Baden-Württemberg with/or after Covid-19…. and the possibilities for producing aerosols made out of plants against respiratory viruses and bacteria.



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